Traffic Skills 101


Welcome to the class!

The League of American Bicyclists’ Smart Cycling program started in 1974, is the only nationally recognized cycling education program with trained and certified instructors. Traffic Skills 101 is the foundation of that program, providing instruction and guidance in the basic principals of vehicular bicycling. Designed to make you ride stronger, the program is designed for cyclist who want to:

  • Develop roadway confidence
  • Understand legal rights and responsibilities
  • Add avoidance maneuvers to existing skill set 
  • Become an League Cycling Instructor

Traffic Skills 101 is broken up into two different sections, an online component, completed first, and a road skill component. Here are your next steps:

  1. Set aside at least four hours to study the course and test for the online component.
  2. Take the online exam and email your results to the Bicycle Mayor before taking your road skills component. 
  3. Come to the road skills component prepared ride as part of local on-road traffic and parking lot drills. Bring along: an ABC checked bicycle | food/drink | helmet | pedals without clips

Have additional questions along the way? Contact the Bicycle Mayor of Keene.