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National Bike to Work Day

Join in and celebrate the two-wheeled commute on this National Bike to Work Day!

Photo by Tommy Lee Walker on Unsplash

Nationally, the country celebrates “Bike to Work Week” in May. The week celebrates and draws attention to the difference a bicycle can make as a mode of transportation.  Locally, we will be launching a new way to celebrate, and it includes you!

In Keene, 74% of our workforce lives in the city, and about 2.1% use a bicycle as the primary mode of transportation creating a wonderful opportunity for active commuting. Chances are, you know some of them by name as they walk through the front doors of your business. These folks are making a huge difference both in their personal and professional lives

Studies show that folks who commute by bike are happier at both ends of their day, making a more joyful difference in the lives of their families and coworkers. They save parking spaces for other staff to utilize, freeing up room in the inevitable rush home at the end of the day and the frantic parking search that begins the moment they arrive on site. Your staff who commute by bike are also more likely to be on time.  And they demonstrate a dedication to their health and fitness goals, that can, according to one study, make them six times healthier than regular commuters. This contribution offsets the cost of insurance that affects your bottom line. The people who choose to take two wheels to work are also likely to be less stressed and have improved work performance. Their great difference has one day a year, specific to celebrating them, on National “Bike to Work Day.” This year, that will be celebrated on Friday, May 18th.  

Locally, we are asking you to say “thank you” to your staff.  One way of showing support is by buying them breakfast.  For $13, you can have a box delivered to their place of business on National “Bike to Work Day.”  The box will have pastry, fruit juice, yogurt and fresh fruit. Help create a culture of cycling support here in the Monadnock Region for the folks that are setting an example of joy, health, punctuality and environmental awareness and pick up the tab for breakfast! It’s a perfect way to start the day, appreciated and recognized, nationally and locally.

If you want to pick up the tab, simply click here to visit the Bicycle Mayor of Keene website. You can sign up in a few easy clicks. And thank you. You are making a huge difference to the region. 

Orders must be received before Friday, May 11th at end of day.